A benefit of one the worlds more unpredictable weather systems is that  little skill is required in photographing Scottish scenery, as light and cloud change constantly.   Many  TV series and films were shot in the area including  Being HumanLocal Hero, Restless Natives, Braveheart,  Highlander,  Rob RoyLocal Hero ,  Monarch of the Glen , Hamish MacBeth, Breaking the Waves and so on. . You will find many of them in our DVD collection.



One surface is not local, can you guess which one?



Fungi and Lichen


Scottish fauna

Pine Marten in the Garden

I had not seen a wild Pine Marten  before but this one sat in the Garden for twenty minutes or so.  If it had arrived a week later I would have had a much better camera, alas.



Sky and Green

A beautiful morning

The Rowan Tree

You will be safe from witches in our country retreat! The garden has a range of rowan trees and the house was named after this typically Scottish tree. In the British Isles, the rowan has a long and still popular history in folklore as a tree which protects against witchcraft and enchantment. The physical characteristics of the tree may have contributed to its protective reputation, including the tiny five pointed star or pentagram on each berry opposite its stalk (the pentagram being an ancient protective symbol). The colour red was deemed to be the best protection against enchantment, and so the rowan's vibrant display of berries in autumn may have further contributed to its protective abilities, as suggested in the old rhyme: "Rowan tree and red thread / make the witches tine (meaning 'to lose') their speed". The rowan was also denoted as a tree of the Goddess or a Faerie tree by virtue (like the hawthorn and elder) of its white flowers.

Taigh A'Chaorainn, Spean Bridge, PH34 4EU, Scotland